Sunday, January 23, 2011

Under the freezing sun

Ha sido un fin de semana helador, pero este sol es irresistible. Todo tiene solución, así que entre resúmenes de arte y costuras, me he puesto un jersey bien calentito y he hecho un descanso para que me diese el aire y empezar la semana con fuerzas!

It’s been a freezing weekend, but the sun was irresistible. I’ve found the perfect solution; a maxi pullover to keep me warm, so I took a break from art history and stitching and went outside to get some fresh air and start the week in a good mood!

Jersey/pullover: H&M
Botines/boots: Zara
Perfecto: Vintage
Bolso/Bag: Zara
Guantes/Gloves: Mango


  1. Heyyyy.. ur looking gorgeous.. all the instructions are in spanish.. so dunno if this is the rite place to write in.. also temme how to follow u..

  2. thanks, up right corner-click on "follow" (with google)


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