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Hace un año, a pesar de la huelga de controladores de los aeropuertos, pasé el puente de la Constitución en Estanbul, una ciudad maravillosa entre 2 continentes.
Este año mi destino es otro, que ya os contaré a la vuelta, pero mientras tanto os dejo algunas imágenes de un lugar que disfruté muchísimo.

A year ago I spent the winter break in Istanbul, a wonderful city between 2 continents.
This year I’m at a different place, I’ll tell you once I’m back, but meanwhile I leave you with some pics from a place I really enjoyed.

Blue Mosque

Santa Sofia

Blue Mosque

View from Galata tower
Inside Santa Sofia

Golden Horn


Y vosotros, dónde habeis ido este puente?
So, where are you travelling now?

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11 Comments: FEEL IT, SAY IT!

  1. Que viaje másbonito, me gustantodas las fotos, sobre todo con las siluetas de las mezquitas, un beso

  2. guauuuuuuuuuuu quiero ir!
    pdt: traeme un francés guapo guapo, anda!

  3. Lovely trip! Hope u r enjoyin this year :)

  4. lovely trip! you look charming!

    very nice blog you have! Following you now

    Inside and Outside blog

  5. Hola guapa!
    Estambul se ve una ciudad preciosa, las fotos son geniales!
    Espero que estés disfrutando de este puente!

  6. Gracias a todas, espero que os gusten los próximos posts de París!
    Thanks all, hope u enjoy upcoming posts :)

  7. These photos are stunning......something getting getting in my mind by looking at it

    Beauty is more than skin-deep. Beauty is unique grace and confidence, a shining light that sparkles through your eyes and smile.

    U dont even know sometimes I fall short of words....what I say about u ????.....

    I dont know what u do with thoes dresses that make them perfect when u wear it...... :)

  8. Try once Indian Bride and Maharashtrian bride......I bet u will be unbeaten in it.....


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