Friday, September 14, 2012

Lom Stavkirke, Norway

La iglesia de Lom es una Stavkirke típica de Noruega, con una curiosa arquitectura basada en estructuras de madera. Lom es un pueblito que se encuentra rodeado por altas montañas y el viaje hasta allí es una auténtica delicia.

Lom's church is a typicall norwegian Stavkirke, with an odd architecture based on wood structures. Lom is a small town surrounded by high mountains and the road trip there is simply beautiful.

Parka: H&M
Jersey/Sweater: Shana
Jeans: Mango
Botas/Boots: Zara


  1. Qué fotos mas bonitas!

  2. Such a gorgeous place, love the scenery!! x

  3. Tu look me parece ideal para hacer turismo. Las fotos preciosas.


  4. Me he puesto al día con tu viaje a noruega jeje y me parece un look muy apropiado para hacer turismo :D vas muy guapa!

    Hoy en CLU'S CORNER: La primera parte del viaje a NYC

  5. I love old churches and their architecture and how they are filled with so many stories and history. The views are amazing and I would love to explore that area on a bike! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting so I could make my way over to follow and learn more about you. Love your photography and your personal style! Happy weekend:)


  6. lovely trips seems you had<3 Love your boots<3
    I do follow you back :)))

  7. hei sugar love your blog if you want we can follow each other!

  8. Lovely blog :) I would love to see much of your post! May be we could follow each other. Let me know once you followed me in google friend connect and I will follow right back.


  9. beautiful and FRESh blog!thankyou!xxx wud u like to swap blog names for eachothers blog lists x

  10. OMG, is it snow? :D Lovely pictures, so natural... I like it so much. I'll follow you now... Kisses from Serbia... We'll be in touch! :****

  11. Your header is so cute and I love the last photo of you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope to see you around again!

  12. Great header :) did you do it? i also paint ;)
    I follow you back ;) kisses from Poland ! :D

  13. Love the boots ! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following ! Now I am too !

    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  14. Very beautiful photos!
    I followed back.


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