Santa Maria di Leuca, ITALY

By Sugar Lane - 1:30 AM

WHERE: Santa Maria di Leuca, PugliaITALY
WHEN: August 2014, 1 day
WITH: friends (+4)
HOW: Car from Mancaversa (45mins)
WEARING: Casual Denim

Santa María de Leuca es un cabo del sur de Italia, famoso por el faro y el santuario, desde donde se pueden ver el mar Jónico y el Adriático fundiéndose. 

Santa Maria di Leuca is a town in the south of Italy famous for its lighthouse and sanctuary, on a hill with an amazing panoramic of the Ionic and Adriatic seas merging. 


LO MEJOR/THE BEST: La vista al atardecer / The sunset view from the lighthouse.

LO PEOR/THE WORST: Las playas cercanas están colapsadas / The nearby beaches are overcrowded 

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