Red casual

By Sugar Lane - 3:23 PM

Buenos días! Hoy os enseño un look básico y cómodo, ideal para viajes y días movidos. Son todo prendas básicas; jeans y cazadora vaquera en distintos tonos, camiseta de rayas marineras y accesorios en rojo para dar color. Cuáles son vuestros básicos favoritos? Feliz semana!

Good morning! Today I'm wearing a basic and comfy outfit, perfect to travel or for hectic days. It's all about basics; jeans and denim jacket in different shades, navy t-shirt and red accessories to add some color. Which are your favorite basics? Have a lovely week!

Cazadora/Jacket: Primark
Camiseta/T-shirt: H&M
Jeans: Gant
Zapatos/Shoes: from Spain
Bolso/Bag: vintage
Pañuelo/Scarf: Natura
Gafas/Glasses: RayBan Wayfarer

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  1. Those bursts of red look so nice with all the blue! <3

  2. such a clean and smart outfit
    Keep in touch

  3. es un clásico esa combinación, me gustan mucho las rayas
    saludos L.

  4. sencillo y cómodo, es un look perfecto!

  5. You look so cool and fashionable with this costume. I especially like the way you use the red parts as the highlight.

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