10 Detalles que hacen que tu look se venga abajo

By Sugar Lane - Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Buenos días! Hoy tenéis nuevo vídeo en mi canal de YouTube con 10 pequeños detalles que destruyen hasta el mejor de los looks. Espero que no estéis cometiendo muchos de estos errores, contadme en comentarios y no olvidéis suscribiros!

Good morning! I have shared a new video on my YouTube channel with 10 details that will ruin every outfit. I hope you are not making many of these mistakes, let me know in the comments box and don't forget to suscribe!

Here is a little round up for my non Spanish-speaking readers:

1. Unfitting Underwear
Our weight tends to change and elastics tent to loosen up. Make sure your underwear fits you and stays under!

2. Brand, size and composition Tags
Remove them all, specially those annoying strings on the shoulders.

3. Blazer vent "X" stitches
Please, please, please, remove them before you walk out the door!

4. Wrinkles 
I know ironing or steaming might not be your favourite activity in the world, but wrinkled clothes make you look much worse. There are wonderful steamers nowadays that are easy to use and you don't even have to deal with an iron board ;)

5. Shoe sole Stickers
You can't stop all shoe sellers from sticking stickers on the soles of every pair of shoes, but you can remove the stickers on the pairs you buy!

6. Impossible Heels
Learn how to walk in low thick heels before you think of a super high stiletto. There is nothing less stylish than a woman struggling to walk on the wrong pair of shoes.

7. Dirty Accessories
I'm sure you wash your clothes often, please clean your accessories as well. You can put together a great outfit, but it'll be a disaster if your bag or shoes are not clean.

8. Pills and Fuzz
Invest in a fabric shaver, your coats, jackets and sweaters will live a longer and happier live!

9. Lint and Hair
Use a lint roller daily, specially during cold seasons!

10. Hair tie on your wrist
Hair ties are meant to be on your hair, bracelets are meant to be around your wrist. Try to keep it that way.

Can you think of any other annoying details that ruin an outfit? Let me know!

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