Fashion Show, CSDMM 2011

By Sugar Lane - 2:21 AM

La semana pasada los alumnos del CSDMM presentamos nuestros primeros diseños en el Matadero de Madrid. Una pasarela que partió del retor como tejido protagonista para crear singulares formas, texturas y volúmenes mediante distintas tecnicas de confección e intervención.
Mi diseño fue un pantalón inspirado en el dhoti indio, adaptándolo a la mujer con un top asimétrico a juego. Además me tocó hacer de maestra de ceremonias y co-presentar el desfile, para lo que diseñé un vestido más divertido, rematado con el tocado en fieltro rojo.

Last week CSDMM students showed our first designs at Matadero Madrid. The fashion show had its origins in plain raw cotton as the core fabric, and we created curious shapes, textures and volumes through several making, stitching, sticking and piercing ways.
My design was a trouser inspired by Indian dhoti and adapted for women, with a matching top. Besides I had to introduce the show, for what I created a more amusing dress, topped with a red felt headdress.

Sugar Lane (Designer) & María (Model)
Momentazo pimpinela, con Habibi

Sugar Lane & Zara
Quiero felicitar a todos mis compañeros, por el resultado de tanto esfuerzo, y dar las gracias a todos los que me han apoyado durante este curso; familia, amigos y profesores.
Congratulations to all my classmates for the success after such an effort, and thanks to everyone who has supported me during this year: family, friends and teachers.

Rocío La Funete & Sugar Lane
Ana y María

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  1. It’s so refreshing white color theme.....
    Can't wait to see what u come up with next.....
    BTW u are looking hot....hotterrrr...hottteeessstttt!!!!!!!!

    7th Photo it is very nice....and the girl in first pic. is descent and her dress is as like shakuntala from Mahabharat and she is also lookin mast.....

  2. thank uuuuuu!!!
    the model is my cousin :) i had never heard about shakuntala, but i'm reading something about her now, nice story.

  3. that is a very beautiful creation!!!....
    keep up the good work..really impressive :)

  4. Me encanta el tocado, es lindo :D

  5. love the flowers she wears on the hair!


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