Pink baroque

By Sugar Lane - 4:25 AM

Buenos días! Hoy os dejo un look un poco mas primaveral que el anterior, aunque sigue haciendo fresco. Tenéis fiesta hoy? Os habéis ido a algún sitio? Yo os lo cuento a la vuelta ;)

Good morning! Today's look is a lil more springy than the last one, but it's still fresh over here. Do you have the day off? Are you traveling somewhere? I'll tell you all about it when I come back ;)

Abrigo/Coat: Mango
Pantalones/Pants: Blanco
Zapatos/Shoes: Mango
Bolso/Bag: Zara
Collar/Necklace: Sfera
Pulsera/Bracelet: Sugar Lane

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  1. Guapa!
    Una mezcla genial!

  2. the outfit is simply elegant and you look stunning...Glad to drop by your blog..will definitely visit more often...following yu now via visit us whenever you can...Happy Week ahead


  3. me encanta el abriguito, muy guapa:)

  4. nice outfit. you looks so beutiful! :)

  5. Gorgeous look!
    Very elegant for a baroque mix
    Have a nice day love!

  6. que bien queda el rosa con el estampado barroco :) buena propuesta :)



  7. I love those pants! And the coat is so chic!

  8. Muy guapa, unos zapatos básicos siempre dan un buen toque!


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