Green ruffles

By Sugar Lane - 4:14 AM

Cuales son las tendencias del verano? Pues por lo visto a mí me ha dado por el verde! Y por el synth-pop, pero esa es otra historia (vivan Yelle y Chromeo!) 

What are the trends of the season? It looks like mine is green! And synthpop, but that's a different story (Yelle and Chromeo rock!)

Bueno, a ver, que me voy por las ramas. El vestido me lo puse una tarde para degustar helados con Angelo Corvitto en el club de golf. #postureoymoderneo desenfrenados... Las mangas rollo vampiresa son ideales para una cata de helados, milagrosamente volví a casa impoluta. La adaptación turística del look la tendréis mañana en Lanely Planet!

Ok, let's focus on the outfit. This is what I wore to an ice cream tasting with Mr. Angelo Corvitto at the golf club. Nautical clubs, golf clubs, polo clubs... when did I turned into such a clubber??? These vampire style sleeves are ideal for an ice cream degustation, luckily I got back home in a perfect state. You can see the touristic version of the dress tomorrow on Lanely Planet!

Vestido/Dress: Sugar Lane Design
Zapatos/Shoes: Zara
Reloj/Watch: Daniel Wellington

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  1. Que guapa! Ese vestido es precioso

  2. Wonderful! Shoes are dress go so perfect with eachother! And green is my favorite color :)

  3. What a stunning dress, the green looks amazing and suits you so much :) Perfect. Have a great week doll xx

  4. Green suits you well!

    ♥ Oxana
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  5. Que preciosidad!!

    Un besito!

  6. Adore your dress and to pair it with the perfect green heels is so refreshing. Love it.

  7. You look gorgeous in green!!! And loving those sleeves! <3

  8. You look gorgeous in green!!! And loving those sleeves! <3

  9. Cool dress :)

  10. Este verde esta DIVINO! Se te ve re lindo!


    Remly M.

  11. estas preciosa!
    pareces campanilla :)


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