Saturday, July 30, 2011

Arabian Nights

Los turbantes siguen siendo el accesorio del verano, por lo menos del mío! Se pueden llevar con vaqueros, pero a mi me pierden y me dejo llevar hasta…  Las mil y una noches.

Turbans are THE accessory this summer, at least for me! You can wear it with jeans, but I’m so crazy about them that I go all the way…  Arabian Nights.

Camiseta/T-shirt: Zara
Pantalones harem/Harem pants: from Jodhpur
Colgante/Pendant: from Taizè
Bangles: from Tunis and Pune
Zapatos/Shoes: Zara
Turbante/Turban: Sugar Lane
Reloj/Watch: Swatch
Bolso/Purse: Misako


  1. First of all sketch of urs is very nice......

    Ur dress is very nice....

    Unfortunately many of us do not realize that everyone is unique and fashion that we wear can show our personality and beauty.

    in ur case ur fashion is unique which makes a person beautiful and differant from others.....

  2. i adore ur turban! looks amazing!


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